Chiron Workshop

Contact Process Reflection

Self-Knowledge Technique Huber Method

Since its discovery, Chiron has concentrated the interest of astrologers, linking the characteristics of the myth to a growing need in society to be able to observe and heal wounds that, in one way or another, limit their possibility of development.

Class In Zoom

—Basic knowledge of astrology is required—

From Astrological Psychology we understand that achieving a better way of understanding this primal wound will lead to an unbeatable opportunity for the integration of the personality and, consequently, of this with the soul.

In this 6.5 hour Workshop on Chiron,
we dive into:

  • Understand more about the contact needs that we have when we are little and how those needs may not be reflected in the responses of the people with the responsibility of caring for us, thus causing the primal wound that we all have.
  • Understand how this wound is addressed from Roberto Assagioli’s Psyche model and his psychosynthesis.
  • Practice how the observation model is reflected in the natal chart of all the participants and establish a work guide following the use of the rulerships of the signs where Chiron is found.
  • The houses and aspects where Chiron is are essential to find the path to overcome the wound.

    Live class: Sunday June 18th, 11-5:30pm Argentina

    At the end of the workshop you will take your chart design. This will help you, in the tranquility of your privacy, review your experiences in a unique way.

    This LIVE workshop will take place Sunday June 18th at 11:00 a.m. (local Argentina time). You can attend live or purchase the recording which will always be available.


    The amount is only $59

    What do you Take

    More than 4 hours dedicated to working on the observation of the personal letter of EACH attendee

    Max 18 people to ensure personal time

    Theoretical module available for download

    PDF material available for download

    Natal chart available for download


    Sunday June 18th

    11-5:30pm Argentina Time










    Only $59

    Limited to 18 people

    Spaces available

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